40s Vintage Wig, Blonde


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In this glorious 40s vintage hairdo wig, you can add the perfect finishing touch to any 1940s costume. The classic curls of the era are beautifully coiffured for you in fabulous blonde, giving you the perfectly feminine look of the times. There may have been a war on, but women of the day had standards to maintain, not least keeping their hair beautifully neat, tidy, and styled. Pinups of the 40s included Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner, and this blonde wig allows you to capture their fabulous waves and curls. The ‘victory roll’ style on the top came to symbolise post-war 1940s fun and high spirits, so get fully into wartime sweetheart mode in this glamourous ‘do’ and then get out there and party like it’s 1945!


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